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Wild North Pets (previously Wild North Dog Tags) was started in 2017. We are currently located in Innisfil, Ontario, Canada. We are currently closed while I attend military training through the summer.

As an avid hiker that brought my dog everywhere with me, I noticed Murphy's tags from our local pet store were constantly being scratched up, and difficult to read. They would only survive a few months and be so worn and bent, they would easily fall off.

I wanted to be able to offer all pet owners an affordable and durable option for their pets that they could trust would hold up to their wear and tear and also look great. I started Wild North Dog Tags to offer like minded people a safe and sturdy option and have been stamping ever since! I purchase all my stamping supplies in North America, and all of my tags are at least 14 gauge metal to ensure they can stand up to tough dogs. Having an up to date tag is the quickest way to get your pet returned to you if they go missing, so why not make sure you have a strong and sturdy tag! 

Beyond Stamped metal tags we also offer sublimated pet tags with over 100+ designs; created with a heat press; designs are permanently bonded to the metal and are a lightweight option. 

For those who need more colour in their life we also offer faux gem tags made completely out of resin in a variety of colours; with options to add silver, gold and copper edging.

 We are working on offering even more items to our shop including a dog treat line; human gear and accessories. 


Stay up to date with us on instagram @wildnorthpets; and stay tuned for our grand reopening this Fall 2019!


-Anne Marie