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Best View Pet Tag Best View Pet Tag Best View Pet Tag

Best View Pet Tag

Best View Pet Tag


This design features "The best view comes after the hardest climb". Your name will be on the back. Choose any colour for the tag front background.

These tags are double sided and feature the pictured design on the front, and the back includes your information (2-3 lines). Please note if there is no name featured in the design on the front of your tag, the name will be on the back.

These tags are made from a durable coated aluminum - 1.25" circle. These tags are created using dye sublimation, that permanently adheres the design into the tag. These tags have a high gloss finish and are waterproof, scratch and fade resistant - However there will be wear and tear over time. All tags come with a stainless steel split ring to attach to your pets collar or harness.

Your will be contacted with a proof of your design for you to approve within 3 business days of purchase. Please ensure to include your email so we can contact you. Your order will not ship until you confirm the design.