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Bar Pet Tag

Bar Pet Tag


This design is a Bar Pet Tag, stamped on all 4 sides. The side with your pet's name can feature a design stamp if you choose. Stamped horizontally. (Pictured tag: Large Aluminum Bar)

Each tag is custom stamped by hand, and slight variations and imperfections in stamping will occur. Every tag is unique, designs are adapted to each tag shape and size. All stamps we use to create the design are in one size and do not change based on the tag size. Please see photos for examples of each size tag. Phone numbers are only stamped in a simple arial font for legibility.

Please see photos for font and charm options. Your tag will come attached directly to an approx. 1 inch black split ring. You can choose to add a charm, all charms are "silver colored" and are zinc alloy. If you purchase a charm it will be attached to your split ring via a separate small metal (silver colour) split ring, this is for the safety of your pet, so that the tag is less likely to be pulled apart from the hardware.

All tags are made of metal and will tarnish and oxidize over time. The black enamel used to fill tags will also eventually fade with time. You can easily refill your tags using a sharpie to freshen them up and wipe away any excess with rubbing alcohol. Please see full care instructions at never clip a leash to your tag hardware, but directly to your collar.